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Air Curtains-ستائر هوائية in Saudi Arabia

Air Curtains - ستائر هوائية, MANCO, Saudi Arabia Airwall and VTS Wing

Understanding Air Curtains Air curtains are designed and powered by fans to form a hidden air barrier of the doorway, which will separate two different environments. It doesn't limit the access of individuals or vehicles while doing so. It reduces heating and cooling expenditure up to 80% and protects the inner climate, thus increasing the comfort of individuals. They're best to protect the atmosphere from pests and insects, dust, airborne pollution, smell, odours, and stops draughts. It also doesn't allow cold or hot air from entering.

How Air Curtains Function Due to the high velocity jet of air, the air curtains cover all openings. People, as they cross the air screen, will get a rush of air. This can be done by the air curtains. They assist in maintaining the temperature of the entrance.

Effectiveness Studies have proven that air curtains are effective and saves energy, protect from dust, smoke, insects, hote or cold air flow from inside or outside etc..

Advantages of Air Curtains One of the many advantages of an air curtain is its commercial profitability, because the doors are open, making it an open invitation to customers, allowing them to determine what is in the store. It's a free access to physically challenged people. Air curtains helps to manage draughts and makes the available space more usable, increasing the comfort of consumers and staff. It provides a hygienic and healthy atmosphere.

Selecting The Right Air Curtains Open doorways are highly recommended to create the simplest use of an air curtains because of the numerous advantages. A better performance model is fitted to shops that have strong wind conditions.

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