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Strip Curtains in Saudi Arabia

Strip Curtains, Maraya Al Noor Industry Co., Saudi Arabia

Transparent Curtains or StripCurtains are best suited for keeping the temperature of your warehouse or cold store. They keeps out dust, flies and pests while restricticting the movement of airpollutants, and it also controls noise. They are costeffective and are ideal for isolating noisy machinery. To create a partition in rooms and sheds, they are perfect solution.

The Advantages of Strip Curtains

The Strip Curtains retain the heat and the chilly air. They improve workplace safety. As they are clear, natural light is passed through. Noise levels are controlled. They helps to keep away vermin and birds.

How To Maintain The Strip Curtains

If they are placed directly to the sunlight, it may turn yellow in time. The curtains cannot be rolled up, but they are flexible. They can be used for straight 24 hours. Always keep the curtains at a temperature of 50-60 degree. The only maintenance required is a wash with a mild detergent in between intervals. A gap of 8-10 mm above floor level should be maintained. They can be placed in washing areas.

Maraya Al Noor Industry Co.’s Strip Curtains

They are designed to suit the industry standards and customer satisfaction. At Maraya Al Noor Industry Co., you will not have to compromise on the quality and durability. Our prices are set to meet customer needs. At Maraya Al Noor Industry Co. SaudiArabia, we strive to see your smile.