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Shower Curtains in Saudi Arabia

Shower Curtains, Maraya Al Noor Industry Co. Saudi Arabia

A bathroom is an important space of your home, and it is also one of the smallest rooms. And if you have a shower or a showerbath, shower curtains are an important part of the bathroom. ShowerCurtains are usually made of plastic that is pulled across an opening when one is having a shower, which prevents the spray of water from getting out. Shower Curtains are quite practical when you need privacy while showering and an added adavantage is that it gives the bathroom a prettier look.

Choosing The Right Shower Curtain

The important points to remember before you go and buy the shower curtain are: Material, if it is waterproof, size of your shower area and also the style, also how easy it is to clean the curtain. If you need hooks, keep that also in mind. A curtain rail has to be installed before you do this.

Right Materials To Use

Cotton, vinyl, polyester and microfibre are the materials available. So, you can choose the material according to the bathroom design. Vinyl shower curtains are the most popular ones in the marketas they are cheap and comes in a variety of colours and patterns. Polyester curtains are waterproof and lasts longer. They can be easily washed in both hands and in a washingmachine. Cotton shower curtains is a wise choice for durability but expensive. Washing should be done at least a month. Also, a liner is required for the cotton shower curtains.

Why The Shower Curtains Should Not Touch The Floors

The reason behind this is that it spoils the curtains by collecting too much moisture and dirt. Leave at least 2 inches of space between the curtain and the floor. Suitably, 3 to 5 inches works best.

Points To Remember

Lighting is to be considered while buying the shower curtain. Natural light is absolutely necessary. So, picking lighter coloured shower curtains help. And not all curtains need hooks. Hookless Shower Curtains will be having grommet holes that requires the rail to be slipped through.

Maraya Al Noor Industry Co. SaudiArabia lays out to you the best collection of showercurtains for your bathrooms that makes your showering time a unique experience. We know what our customers seek and we are happy to deliver.