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PVC Folding Doors in Saudi Arabia

PVC FOLDING DOORS, Maraya Al Noor Industry Co.- Saudi Arabia

What is PVC Folding Doors

PVCFoldingDoors are the best and the most reliable way to divide the space of your home. You only need to pull the accordiondoors of the opening and keep it in the desired position. These doors are simply the best choice when a space has to be divided.

Why PVC Folding Doors

The PVCFolding Doors has an added benefit over the other partitiondoors as they are waterproof, termite proof, fire retardant, is economical, has nowarping, is maintenance-free, very easy to install and are available in different shades without giving you the headache of painting or polishing.

It requires the least possible space without the hassle of extending outside the doorframe of either side. This is the reason why they are everyone’s favourite choice. It is a sensible choice.

Easy Maintenance

And what is even better is the fact that the PVCFoldingDoors is extremely easy to maintain. Just dip a cloth in soapwater to clean the whole window and the outside. After this, dry it with another clean cloth. Microfibreclothsworks best since they remove even the most stubborn dirt, and also prevents scratching or any damage to the doors. Some even use vinegar diluted in soap and water to clean the doors.

Why Us At Maraya Al Noor Industry Co., Saudi Arabia

We at Maraya Al Noor Industry Co. SaudiArabia offers you well-designed PVCFoldingDoors for our customers. They are made with superior quality material and gives you longlasting durability. Our PVC Folding Doors will blend well with your interiors, making it look attractive to the eyes. We reach out to make our customers, assuring them of our undying service.