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Jaquared Blinds in Saudi Arabia

Jacquard Blinds, Maraya Al Noor Industry Co., Saudi Arabia

What is jacquard? The fabric is produced by a simple weaving method. This method allows to weave pre-determined weave patterns and various coloured threads all at once to create an intrictate design with mild texture and finish. The look of the design is such that one is able to see both shiny and non-shiny areas of the material. The term ‘jacquard’ comes from the 4th century Byzantium. Since a pattern can be made from any natural fibres like silk, linen, cotton and polyester, it is aptly called jacquard.

Why Jacquard Curtains Are Popular

As the curtain come in attractive and distinguished patterns, it is a favourite among the customers. This helps them to make their rooms colourful and bright, be it the bedrooms, dining rooms, study rooms or the living rooms. The fabrics are strong, durable and easy to maintain. The most popular ones among jacquard curtains are: Florals, damasks, and geometricpattern. They are not printed or embroidered. They are just woven directly into the fabric which makes it thick and durable.

Best Fabric Options

1. Linen
2. Velvet
3. Cotton
4. Silk
5. Brocade
6. Lace
7. Polyester

At Maraya Al Noor Industry Co., Saudi Arabia

Stop to look at our vast collection of jacquard curtains that will undoubtedly leave you breathless, which come in attractive prices. Our customer service it at par with the market standards. ‘YOU’ are what matters to us in Badecor.