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Disposable Medical Curtains in Saudi Arabia

Disposable Curtains, MANCO - Saudi Arabia

It is such a comfort if you could get rid of stained and dirtycurtains, and replace them with new ones, isn’t it? The solution to this problem is disposablecurtains. The traditional cloth curtains are loaded with harmful bacteria, and it is highly risky for patients. This is where the disposablecurtains come in, and they offer antimibrobial capabilities, thus requiring lesser frequent changes. They are highly cost effective and require a replacement only one a year, depending on the wear, tear and soiling. They are the most innovative way in the healthcare facility. The disposable curtains are made of non-woven Porelypropylenethat is both lighweight and durable. The finished side hems and mesh tops make the look attractive. The pressed look of the pleats make it easy to handle while hung. Most disposable curtains are 100% recyclable. Hygiene, saving of time, easy removal, lightweight, appearance, fire safety, disposability, non-laundering and the cost make them efficient and best suited for your needs. Hence, it is the perfectsolution to all your problems. MANCO offers you a whole world of disposable curtains in excellent in quality and prints. Pick your choice and make your life easier. We at MANCO SaudiArabia ensures that our customers are happy and content with the vast range of of curtains.