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Leather Folding doors in Saudi Arabia

Leather Folding Doors, Maraya Al Noor Industry Co., Saudi Arabia

What is a Leather Folding Door

A foldingdoor opens by folding back in sections or otherwise known as panels. They are also known as bifolddoors.Another term that is being used is concertinadoors. They are made up of multiple leaves that folds back itself in order to open up an entire aperture. Runners are fitted to the doors, so when you open it, it slides and folds simultaneously.

Which Door Is Better

Compared to the bi-fold doors, slidingdoors are more effective, as they are thermally efficient, also because bi-fold doors showcase much more frame. And sliding doors is far thicker and much more bulkier.

Are they expensive?

Bi-fold doors are by far the most expensive option available in the market depending on the material one chooses, which will have an impact on the price.

The Many Benefits of Leather Folding Doors

Leather folding doors are the most suitable choice for dividing a room. They are safe and attractive. It saves space and suppresses noise. Available in lovely colours and elegant embossing, it perfectly fits your preferences. Leatherfoldingdoors at Badecor are strong and durable. They are free of maintenance and has long life spans. We ensure you that they will keep you safe from termites, rot and mold. Also, It will not shrink, warp or swell. Our folding doors are made from genuine leather. We ensure to make it stainresistant. We make doors that are tailor-made for your door sizes and requirements. At Maraya Al Noor Industry Co. SaudiArabia, you will be ensured of great quality and service.